Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orlando Art Project

Who would have thought that a convention geared toward surf, skate, and beachwear could produce such a great opportunity for a little known art show called the Orlando Art Project. Coordinated by Atlanta Based Surf Expo's, Vicky Vasil - OAP showcased 8 local and national artists with a spin toward surf, skate and edgy art. Locals included mixed media artists Brandon McLean and yours truly, Juliana Davidson, Photographer Miriam Lorenzi/Miriphoto and Oil Painter Nyahzul. This event occurs in January and August every year.

The Orlando Art Project is free to chosen artists and thanks to Lorenzi's part time job with the Central Florida display company 'Configurations' several of us were able to enjoy the donated benefit of professional displays, lighting and carpet.

Although some artists work sold more than others, I would have to say that some of our new connections made everything more than worth while - as I had an opportunity to network with an Atlanta based gallery and one in Sanibel Island for future art shows with FEMiNATi artists as well as potential commissions.

Our star photographer Miriam Lorenzi also networked several discussions to photograph marketing campaigns and catalog work.

Live skate demos, free custom hats & t-shirts from Volcom, stickers GALORE, free Monster Energy Drinks, Live Murals by locals Andrew Spear and Dolla Bill, 'bum camp at Sector 9 (raising $ for Haiti playing guitars and drumming on 5 gal. buckets) and loads of other live music and dj's made for the best daytime working party ever!

For questions on how to contact Vicki Vasil regarding the Orlando Art Project or other art opportunities email jules@julianadavidson.com.