Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So far so good!

As I mentioned in my earlier post - this month is super busy with art events! Art Basel was an amazing experience and one that I would suggest for EVERY artist and contemporary art lover. We ventured to Miami Beach with a group of 25 arts students from the Osceola School for the Performing Arts and found that it was nothing less then perfect! Just give you an idea, the expo itself contained some 180 national and international galleries representing over 2,000 artists and every art outlet in Greater Miami tagged along for the ride, producing an overwhelming amount of events to attend and an immeasurable amount of creative spirit through out. Please be sure to check out the next issue of 407 Oasis Magazine for more details on the event, and photos will be posted here and on my facebook page soon! (just look up Juliana Davidson/Orlando to friend me there :)

On the flip side, I came home to 195 applications for 155 spots at the Osceola Art Festival! The jury committee had a wonderful time reviewing all of the art work and a tough job narrowing down the prospects. Special Thanks to Anda Chance and Stefanis Alexandres for helping with the jury process.

Have a great and artful week everyone!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's already December!

Well ladies and gentleman, December is here and the art doesn't show signs of stopping! Today I will be in South Florida soaking up Art Basel Miami Beach and playing shutterbug for all those not able to attend.

I received a call about two weeks ago from visual arts teacher Patricia Calderon from the Osceola School for the Performing arts asking if I'd like to chaperon with a group of 24 students on a mission to experience the U.S. version of the Holy Grail of Art Expos... I think it took me a nano-second to blurt out ABSOLUTELY! Which was immediately followed by a severe case of 'happy dance'.

As if that wasn't the best news ever, today also happens to be the deadline for the Annual Osceola Art Festival which will be taking place on February 13-14, 2010 at the Valencia Osceola Campus on 192 in Kissimmee. This year we took a chance and decided to use an online festival service called This is a free virtual application process for artists to upload booth and artwork photos and with a few extra strokes of the keyboard, and credit card in hand they can apply for shows in minutes, not only saving time but also going paperless... 'be a good artist and save a tree'.

This year we have received over 180 applications and look forward to a few mail via snail mail. Just to put that into perspective, the last few years have shown a decline in artist submissions ending in last years final count of only 95 participating artists. This year we will be wait-listing quite a few artists and turning away many more than we had to in the past 4 years. Suffice it to say that as the numbers started to rise so did the lump in my throat when I realized that we would actually be adding 50 booth spaces to the event area this in addition to a section devoted to local artists and galleries called 'Locals Lane' at a reduced booth price.

So all in all this month is booming with great opportunities and a levity of spirits for this artist...
Be sure to check back about Art Basel and the final outcome of the Center's jury process next week!

Good luck with your art endeavors and may your December be Merry and Bright!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Check out the Video for FEMiNATi:Couture

Hello all!
Check out the new video for our latest installment of FEMiNATi... Couture! A fashion and art show sponsored in part by 407 Oasis Magazine!


Also be sure to check out the winners list for the National Arts Program event held earlier this month at the Osceola Center for the Arts at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

National Arts Program Art Show

What a wonderful evening at The Osceola Center for the Arts! With the help of The National Arts Program we were able to give out $2400 in prize money and at the end of the month People's Choice Award winners will receive scholarships for classes at the Center for each division of the show from Youth to Professional!

Find out more about the winners and photos later this week at And visit for more information on this amazing foundation providing funding and prize money for large organizations to showcase the artwork of all mediums and skill levels for visual artists through out the United States.

I would also like to point out that the Award for 5 years of presenting National Arts Program was presented to me this evening by Program Coordinator Robin Raskin, and although I have had a hand in producing the show over the last few years, it would have never gotten off the ground with out the help of Jennifer Zable and Anda Chance. Thank you ladies, this one is for you too!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Issue Now Available!

Hello everyone,

Be sure to check out this Tuesdays National Arts Program Reception for Osceola County School District Employees and Family members. Tuesday, October 6, 2009 from 6-8pm. I even have a new piece in the show! 73 local artists - all ages - in 5 divisions from Youth to Professional and $2400 in prize money!

I also wanted to share the new 407 Oasis Fall 09 - online issue! This is a style and fashion magazine based in Osceola County! As some of you may know I have been writing this blog and some articles for them for about a year now. In this issue - photos from The Osceola Center for the Arts (pages 46-47), The Beauty Spot in the 'Socially Seen' section (page 62), my article on Anda Chance (pages 48-49) and my ad for faux finish is on page 12... and soooo much more.

Online Issue of 407 Oasis

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So much to do!

Catch FEMiNATi:Live at The Beauty Spot in College Park with artists Nyahzul, Patrica Stever and Juliana Davidson along with great spa discounts and free spa touch ups - you can't go wrong! This event takes place on the last Thursday of every month and includes great refreshments, spa lovin' and 'spirits' - don't forget to tip!

Next months Osceola Center for the Arts art reception will be held on Tuesday, September 1st from 6-9pm. Celebrating Hispanic Artists includes 23 local and out of town (from as far as the Pan Handle) with 56 pieces of varying works of art from sculpture and painting to photography. The Center has been focusing on creating diverse art shows to help bring in new artists and this show tops the list with 17 artists never before seen at The Center!

Greenfield Gallery at 106-B Broadway in Downtown Kissimmee will have a couple special guests at the gallery. From 10am-5pm the award winning Silversmith "Rahim" of Jewels of the Nile, will be on hand with his latest designs of custom made silver jewelry and 'Edita Klinkel" will be showing her professional photography, and offering to take personal, family, and fun type portraits for anyone interested from 12pm-4pm. All art will be available for 20% off.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And Then...

July has come and gone and now August is in full swing! Next up the 3rd Annual Juried Drawing Show at The Osceola Center for the Arts this Tuesday, August 4th from 6-8pm. The show is now hanging for this weekends Pirates of Penzance crowd to enjoy and $100 in prize money will be handed out at the reception.

The Center is already working on the September art show - 'Celebrating Hispanic Artists' Juried Art Show visit for an application today! In addition Feminati has just put the call out for it's August and September Third Thursday Events at City Arts Factory - Feminati:COUTURE will showcase artwork supporting fashion and style and showcase a great Fashion show event in conjunction with IADT Design School for the September reception.

Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Arts Update

Wow, it's been exactly a month since I managed to leave a new blog! And its not for lack of art events either! Between setting up the Osceola Art in Public Places schedule, teaching Summer Art Camp at St. Cloud Arts, hanging at 1st Thursday at the Orlando Museum of Art, Striking the AKA Feminati:Sacrifice Show and personally showing work at both Urban Think! Bookstore and Mel's Bad Girl Club: Sensory Overload show at City Arts Factory for 3rd Thursday, I'd say it's been a pretty amazing month for art here in Central Florida!

Coming up at The Beauty Spot on July 30th in College Park Feminati:LIVE will be in full swing with artists Patrick Fatica, Patricia Stever, Beth Hughes Juliana Davidson and Nyahzul with media coverage by 407 Oasis, and Orlando Style - it will be the place to BE from 6-9p! Also be sure to check out the Feminati:SACRIFICE video on YouTube at - special thanks to Ken Burgland for producing the video!

On a less encouraging note - City Arts Factory has had to reduce it's staff down to 2 people - the Executive Director and a Marketing Director along with Board volunteers... this meant that Chuck Dinkins the former Facilities Director was relieved of his position after 2 long and hard working years of keeping order in the metro-friendly downtown art space. Chuck will be sincerely missed for his inspiration and mad support for the arts and music - but we know that he will not be disappearing into the shadows of Orlando, Chuck has always been a key element for the arts in Central Florida, and will continue to do so!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great week for artwork!

What an amazing week of art shows! This past Third Thursday Artwork was jam packed with wonderful shows including my own FEMiNATi:SACRIFICE which will air on YouTube later this month!

Last night Will's Pub hosted 'People you know & Things you shouldn't' a really great photography show followed up by performances by The Little Debbies and Gargamel!

Check local listings for tonights long list of art events ranging from The Black Box in Downtown Orlando to LOT 1433 at a private residence in Maitland and a little Fake Art Reception hosted by Apartment E.

I am thrilled to see the hustle & bustle of creative minds doing what they do best and GETTING AWAY with it!

Coming up this week - FEMiNATi:LIVE at The Beauty Spot in Winter Park - visit for more information!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The State of the Visual Arts in Osceola

I would like to take a moment to share some incite on the latest state of arts with the Osceola Center for the Arts. The Center is currently facing our largest cut in funding in over 4 years. It appears that we may be losing both our County funding and Tourist Development Advertising dollars. With out the County funding the Visual Arts Dept. will be cut severely and may stand to lose it's Art in Public Places program completely and be forced to change my current part time contracted salary to a month to month commission on each art show. The Osceola Art Festival would have to reduce its advertising from $50K to $10K and we have already budgeted to cut prize money and other amenities which may also include cutting more salary for planning and directing the show. In order for the Festival to hold it's weight we will need to increase sponsorships significantly.

I am asking that if anyone has any ideas on how to keep the programs running or other funding options please let me know. The CAA has been operating as a membership based on participation in Art in Public Places and the email news letter, but we may need to look at banding together with more volunteer efforts and monthly meetings to keep it going.

When Phyllis Ross asked if I would like to step into her position with the Center 3 years ago, I wasn't sure if I was the right fit for the job, but now, I can't imagine giving it up. I care deeply for and am so proud of the reputation that we have built in Osceola County over the past few years! I am hopeful that some how we can maintain the momentum that we've gained and keep it moving in a positive direction for us all!

Thank you for taking the time to let me bend your ears,
Jules Davidson
Director of Visual Arts
Osceola Center for the Arts

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Artwork at The Beauty Spot - TONIGHT!

I'm very excited to introduce a new series of mixed media work tonight, May 28th from 7-9p at The Beauty Spot in College Park featuring FEMiNATi:LIVE. The work consists of original photos or prints of my past work with other elements all sewn into he canvas with a textured back round. So far I've completed 4 new pieces and will be working on a 5th one tonight.

Tonight's show will include Patrick Fatica, Patricia Calderon, Nyahzul, Patricia Stever, Patrick Tafoya and myself, Juliana Davidson. Please come out and join us! Feminati participates in The Beauty Spot's monthly receptions alternating between their College Park and Winter Park locations every month and is a great way for local artists to mixe and mingle with new people as well as introduce new people to the local art scene. For more information visit

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Florida Music Festival

With a last minute invitation from a good friend of mine, I was invited out to catch a sliver of Saturday nights Florida Music Festival at The Social in Downtown Orlando. Although Terra Terra Terra definitely fit a decent radio song profile it was Lindsey Mac that was a surprise and pleasure to sit back and listen to. Based in Boston the heavy folk trio appears to be in flux with regards to a full name for the band, throwing out the potential of becoming Lindsey Mac and the Bad Breath. The lead singer slaps on the cello as if it were a mandolin serving as the bass, the female percussionist sat upon a cajon drum with an array of jingles at her side and the gentleman playing the acoustic guitar also played keyboard... all in all Lindsey Mac carried a great upbeat tune and hook with each song, and as always the barkeep at The Social are quick to pour and worthy of steady tipping!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 5th - Juried Art Show Reception

What an amazing night! Tuesday, May 5th marked the 19th Annual Juried Art Show at the Osceola Center for the Arts and it was a total hit! Great attendance, free wine and refreshments and an utterly beautiful display of local artwork. This year we had 53 participants, 70% of which are local to Osceola County! The Center gave out 5 $150 1st prizes and 1 Best of Show in the amount of $500 to Stefan Alexandres for his wall sculpture - "New Day."

Stop in between now and May 28th to see the show at The Osceola Center for the Arts from 9-5/M-F for more information visit

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So much to do!

I can't wait to really get my thoughts in order for this blog! There are so many great events going on these days! Last night was the '99 bottles of beer on the wall' fundraiser at Will's Pub. Artists hand painted and sculpted over and generally rocked beer bottles for the sake of Harbor House!

Today St. Cloud, FL celebrates its 100 year anniversary with and arts and craft fair, St. Cloud Gift Gallery, St. Cloud Arts (Incubator), New York Artists Shop, Urban Betty, and House of Envy are just a few of the great stops to make today if you decide to join the festivities. The night will end with fireworks at the Lake Front at 8:45!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Beauty Spot review

Carolina Suarez-Garcia at The Beauty Spot

What an amazing night at The Beauty Spot in College Park on Thursday night (Mar. 26th). Who can go wrong with great beauty service deals, sushi, new artwork on the walls and live artwork on the front porch? A few sales, meager as they may have been, still beats many of the bigger gallery events that I participate in and/or put on in other venues. No complaints here, new clients to woo and a great atmosphere equals win/win for moi, (artists) Pam Treadwell, Carolina Suarez-Garcia, Patricia Stever and Maria Molinas as well as Jenni, Kellyann, Noel and the rest of The Beauty Spot gang!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Here we go, the beginning of a new day for a not so new relationship. Back in mid-2007 I received a phone call from Yolanda Marshall, publisher of the fledgling Osceola Oasis magazine, who was looking for visual artists in the Osceola County area to provide a spotlight for in their first issue. As the Director of Visual Arts for the Osceola Center for the Arts I receive quite a few inquiries from editors of local newspapers but the thought of a 'Style' magazine in Osceola County, who wants to include the visual arts too? I was so excited!
Four issues and 7 artist spotlights later and here we are, entering the blog generation and building on a great start which is now expanding to the entire Central Florida area. With Creative Director Carlos Cayasso snapping pictures all over town and the continued support of local advertisers we are on a roll and ready for anything!
Our hope is to provide incite for our readers into the world of local art and style in our community as well as listings for 'Be There or Be Square' upcoming events.
Thank you for stopping by! Sincerely yours ~ jules