Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So far so good!

As I mentioned in my earlier post - this month is super busy with art events! Art Basel was an amazing experience and one that I would suggest for EVERY artist and contemporary art lover. We ventured to Miami Beach with a group of 25 arts students from the Osceola School for the Performing Arts and found that it was nothing less then perfect! Just give you an idea, the expo itself contained some 180 national and international galleries representing over 2,000 artists and every art outlet in Greater Miami tagged along for the ride, producing an overwhelming amount of events to attend and an immeasurable amount of creative spirit through out. Please be sure to check out the next issue of 407 Oasis Magazine for more details on the event, and photos will be posted here and on my facebook page soon! (just look up Juliana Davidson/Orlando to friend me there :)

On the flip side, I came home to 195 applications for 155 spots at the Osceola Art Festival! The jury committee had a wonderful time reviewing all of the art work and a tough job narrowing down the prospects. Special Thanks to Anda Chance and Stefanis Alexandres for helping with the jury process.

Have a great and artful week everyone!

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