Sunday, May 17, 2009

Florida Music Festival

With a last minute invitation from a good friend of mine, I was invited out to catch a sliver of Saturday nights Florida Music Festival at The Social in Downtown Orlando. Although Terra Terra Terra definitely fit a decent radio song profile it was Lindsey Mac that was a surprise and pleasure to sit back and listen to. Based in Boston the heavy folk trio appears to be in flux with regards to a full name for the band, throwing out the potential of becoming Lindsey Mac and the Bad Breath. The lead singer slaps on the cello as if it were a mandolin serving as the bass, the female percussionist sat upon a cajon drum with an array of jingles at her side and the gentleman playing the acoustic guitar also played keyboard... all in all Lindsey Mac carried a great upbeat tune and hook with each song, and as always the barkeep at The Social are quick to pour and worthy of steady tipping!

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